All About Aggregate Concrete And Its Benefits To You

concrete being made

Approximately 60% of concrete is made from fine and coarse aggregates. These are then mixed with a cement bonding paste and water. 

The types of aggregates used will depend on their unique qualities. For example, durability, strength, and shape can impact different projects. 

The main aggregate resources are sand, gravel and crushed, or uncrushed stones made from limestone, granite, and basalt. 

But what ARE the benefits of using aggregate concrete?

Uses of Concrete

Concrete has different uses in construction. It is beneficial for structures which need overall load resistance and drainage. 

It provides strength and reduces the potential for cracks and shrinkage. Aggregate concrete is also used as a filling or infiltrating material. 

Roads, railways, bridges, footpaths, driveways, building foundations, sewerage treatment, and water filtration processes are just some of the areas where aggregate concrete can be found.

Aggregate concrete can also be exposed to create a unique design feature.

Recycled Eco Concrete

Sustainable, environmentally friendly materials are becoming more popular as we all try to reduce our environmental footprint.

So, to minimise the demand for natural rock, consider our Eco Concrete. 

Crushed recycled concrete is used as aggregate fillings. 

When demolition and construction sites recycle these old materials the amount of waste sent to landfill is significantly reduced. As an affordable option, recycled aggregate is adaptable with low energy requirements. 

Engineers use recycled aggregate in concrete for embankments, gutters, footpaths, and building structures.

Exposed Washed Aggregate Concrete

The good news is, you no longer need to have dull and boring grey driveways, patios, or pathways. 

In fact, decorative concrete is becoming a popular trend amongst home-owners, as it works well for both features and renovations. Exposed washed aggregate is also used for commercial construction projects. 

Exposed aggregate differs from the regular concrete we have come to know. It is traditional concrete with added stones, pebbles, glass and other materials. 

This gives you a designer, textured appearance when the top layer is washed away with a surface retardant.

Honed aggregate concrete is the same material as exposed aggregate but it is smoother with a mosaic-like appearance. Special machinery and diamond tools polish all the rough and bumpy areas until flat. 

The Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Long-lasting and durable

Exposed aggregate concrete is extremely durable, cost-effective and can bear the weight of heavy loads. It has the potential to last 50 years or more, even when exposed to harsh weather conditions during summer and winter.

A variety of colours and textures

There are numerous options for colour, size, shape, and texture to choose from. Suitable for the patio, driveway, pathways, or pool area, you can create a look that suits the style of your home. 

Mixing pebbles, pieces of coloured glass and coloured stones can create luminous dimensions which will be appreciated by your guests. Terracotta and black are two of the best selling shades at Capital Concrete. 

Low maintenance

Exposed aggregate is low maintenance. All that is required is an occasional clean, or if necessary, a sealant to protect the surface. 

Another great benefit is that weeds do not grow through aggregate concrete.

Safety in any weather

Exposed aggregate concrete is skid resistant to minimise the risk of falls. This is essential, especially on sloping driveways or pool-side areas. 

The layered, textured exposed stones create a stable surface which provides traction, giving the ground extra grip when wet. 

Increasing the value of your property

Potential homebuyers notice the outside first, so it is a good idea to have an aesthetically pleasing outdoor area. With elegant good looks, exposed aggregate areas will enhance your curb appeal. 

Easy to clean, strong, durable, and practical, this versatile product is not limited to outdoor use. For example, it can be an asset in recreation rooms, alfresco areas, and underground parking areas. 

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