Why You Should Choose Concrete Over Other Building Materials

choose concrete

There are three main materials used for residential and commercial building constructions. These are wood, steel, and concrete. The type of building, aesthetics, safety, finances, climate, and product availability will play a part in your final decision. Concrete is a popular and durable choice, but why should choose concrete over other materials? These Are The Reasons […]


What is Exposed Concrete Aggregate and When Do We Need it

Exposed aggregate concrete is a popular, durable form of concrete that is commonly used to create interesting driveways, paths, patios, pool decking and alfresco areas, vertical and retaining walls. For those who are looking to enhance the appeal and value of their home, there are numerous design options to choose from. Read on to learn […]


What Is Eco Concrete And Why Your Perth Company Should Use It

Eco Concrete

When we demolish a domestic or commercial property there are left over building materials that you might assume end up as waste. Fortunately, at Capital Demolition we are able to recycle and reuse a significant amount of this rubble. This innovative approach is better for the planet, and your budget. One way we can use […]


Salvage Building Materials. All The Ways We Can Reuse Them.

When you build, demolish, or renovate your home, you may be wondering what will happen to all of the materials that are left over. Instead of sending your waste materials to landfill there is another way. You may be surprised by the amount of items that can be recycled, turning your trash into someone else’s […]