One of the most popular uses for our concrete is slabs and footings. When you choose our high quality materials, creating the foundation for your new structure or building can be a stress free process. 

Concrete footings need to be strong and durable, as they have to support your structure. At Capital Concrete we have the right concrete for any project, whether it is for domestic or industrial use. 

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The Benefits of Concrete Footings

Footings are required in a range of construction projects including homes, verandas, sheds, carports, and pergolas. They are installed as part of the foundation, keeping the structure firmly in place. 

Footings can be made from virgin concrete or our exclusive Eco-Concrete, and they will often be reinforced with a rebar or trench mesh. In areas with uneven or unpredictable soil, footings can provide a secure base that won’t be disturbed by the elements.

Recycled Eco-Concrete Footings

At Capital Concrete we pride ourselves on our innovative solutions. We take recycling seriously, and have implemented a range of strategies to reduce our impact on the environment. 

One of our concrete options is called Eco-Concrete, and this is made with recycled concrete material that has been removed, crushed, cleaned, and screened from local demolition sites. In addition, any unused concrete from worksites is returned and transformed into this durable building material. 

Eco-Concrete is an alternative to virgin concrete and can be used effectively in footings. This material is available from our batching plant in Bayswater, WA.

A Complete Range of Concrete for Footings

Eco-Concrete isn’t the only option we have available for footings. Our range includes traditional, virgin concrete and aggregates that are ready for delivery in the Perth region. At Capital Concrete, we own a fleet of vehicles so you can have your concrete, when you need it. 

The truck sizes range from 2.5m3 to 6m3 which allows us to cater to both domestic and commercial projects. Rest assured, we can deliver our concrete to worksites with accessibility issues. With exceptional service, quality concrete, and local transport, you won’t have to wait to commence the building process.

Our concrete comes in various MPa, in order to cater to a range of pressure levels. If you are unsure which material is best for your footings, our expert team would be happy to assist.

We are currently able to offer our customers 20MPa, 25Mpa, 32Mpa, and 40MPa. When you choose Capital Concrete you can rest assured your footings will stand the test of time.

Competitive Pricing

Our strong commitment to our customers equates to quick and efficient service with only the highest quality materials. We are an honest, reliable company with transparent and competitive pricing. 

Remember, we never charge back for returns as any left over product is transformed into our Eco-Concrete. Whether it is premium virgin concrete or sustainable, recycled concrete from our batching plant, we offer value for money and the reliability and flexibility our customers deserve. 

At Capital Concrete we offer a free quote to customers, giving you the opportunity to learn about our range, before making a final commitment.

Other Uses for Our Concrete

If you are looking for concrete footings with either virgin or recycled concrete, the friendly Capital Concrete team is ready to help. While footings are commonly created from our concrete, it isn’t all we do. In addition to heavy duty footings, our concrete can be used for house and shed slabs, kerbing, driveways, and footpaths.

The Capital Concrete range includes exposed washed aggregate, which is concrete that has been mixed with other textured items such as sand or stones. This is a good option for those looking for a decorative feature for a driveway or poolside area. 

We also have the ability to create coloured concrete. This material is suitable for driveways, paths, and even feature stepping pads for a garden feature. Available in both eco and regular concrete, we can supply small and large quantities with our usual high standards and efficiency. Contact our friendly team for a quote!



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