Where Should You Go In Perth for Concrete Supplies?

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Finding a reliable – and sustainable – company to provide concrete can seem like a daunting task.

Capital Concrete is Perth’s top supplier for concrete supplies. With our own concrete batching plant and fleet of reliable transport, we can deliver concrete for any project at a time that is convenient for you.

We have a range of concrete mixes available, including recycled and Eco Concrete, and we pride ourselves on our ability to source cement sand and aggregate from the WA region.

Types of Concrete

We have three key concrete types available to our customers in Perth. Our range of concrete supplies includes traditional concrete, environmentally friendly Eco Concrete, and designer exposed washed aggregate. 

Which one is the right solution for your domestic or commercial requirements?


Concrete is a popular building material because it is durable, long lasting, and weather resistant. 

If you are looking for traditional concrete, we have a selection of mixes ranging from standard to high strength. Virgin concrete can be used in different applications including driveways, slabs, footings, retaining walls, and footpaths.

We are a local Perth business and our batching plant is located in Bayswater, WA. Before you start, you can try out our concrete calculator to take advantage of a free quote and transparent pricing. 

If you get more concrete than you need, that’s no problem. We never charge back for returns, as we turn any excess materials into an innovative Eco Concrete.

Eco Concrete

Is there a more sustainable, earth-friendly alternative to traditional concrete? Yes – our Eco Concrete. 

Old slabs and footings from demolition sites and excess concrete are transformed into a reusable building material, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Rest assured, we expertly crush, clean, and screen the concrete to ensure it meets the highest of standards. 

Eco Concrete can be used in a variety of projects including footpaths, construction, landscaping, base fill, and roads. It provides the same durability and strength as traditional concrete, but with an environmentally-friendly twist.

Our Eco Concrete is readily available for purchase and we can deliver locally in Perth.

Exposed Washed Aggregate

Exposed washed aggregate will give your home renovation or new build a designer edge. When you add other materials such as stones to traditional concrete, you end up with a textured finish.

Exposed washed aggregate comes in a range of colours, with something to suit any home design. You can even use black Eco concrete with aggregate for a modern, sustainable alternative.

For those who like the patterned, artistic feel of aggregate but want a smooth surface, we offer honed aggregate. Once the concrete supplies have been laid and left to set, the surface can be polished with specialised machinery.

Exposed washed aggregate is commonly used in both domestic and commercial applications. It is a favourite for footpaths, driveways, alfresco areas, and around pools. 

Say goodbye to traditional grey and make your property the envy of your neighbours with this customisable building material.

Uses for Concrete

Concrete has been around since 1824, but fortunately it has evolved since its humble beginnings of chalk and clay. These days, concrete is used heavily in construction and has become a fashionable feature both inside and outside the home.

When shopping for Perth concrete supplies, it is important to choose a high-quality material that will stand the test of time. Our concrete is superior, and we offer personalised advice to ensure your project will be a success.

The most common uses for our concrete include house and shed slabs, footings, driveways, and footpaths. With a range of mixes, colours, and textures available at short notice, it makes sense to choose Capital Concrete as your supplier.

Get in Touch with Capital Concrete

Do you need concrete in WA? We offer a free quote and we can deliver to your door. Whether it is traditional concrete for a slab, Eco Concrete for fill or aggregate concrete for a driveway, we have you covered.

Our head office is located in Welshpool and we have a batching plant in Bayswater. If you would like to learn more about our Perth concrete supplies, please get in touch

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